Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Ascension?

We are a full service media company offering 17 years managing over 2000 projects.  We offer broadcast sound gear, feature film quality lighting options and top rated cameras worthy of Raw or ProRes 4K and 6K cinema footage.  Our professionalism and reliability is our most valued asset which you can feel confident to refer your closest associates or family to. We have multiple editing systems for quick turn around, so we wait for your update rather than long waits for us to complete your needed edits.

What does it cost?

For stage performances, we offer individual pricing per disc.  Our TV and Corporate Filming rates range from $300 to $2,500 per session based on how many cameras, operators and/or actors are needed and for how many hours.  Actors, film crew, voiceover talent or models can range from $50 to $200 per hour.  Editing rates  are $50 to $800 based  per hour or day rates and if voiceover talent is hired.  On larger projects which require hiring talent, need multiple days of filming or extended editing, we require a deposit prior to starting.  For non-profits and smaller clients, we offer special rates.  Contact us today for a free consultation to organize a budget.

What is the process?

There are 5 stages in most projects:  Developement, Recording, Editing, Mastering, Publishing. We can help you develop a script or do casting calls for actors.  Capturing video or audio is the recording stage.  Editing can be done by us or your own resources and staff. Mastering is the process of making the media viewable on a disc, website, TV or in Cinema.  Publishing can be done online, on Network TV or your own website. Contact us to get details, organize a plan or set a budget which works for your project.

How do you deliver?

We can deliver final projects as a downloadable file using DropBox or on a USB stick and/or disc format such as DVD or HD-DVD.  For those who may not be aware, DVD is from the 1980's so the resolution is only standard TV size of 640x480.  Blu-Ray HD-DVD can be 1920x1080 and H264 formatted video also known as MPEG-4 can be 4K quality.  This file format is the most popular and usually compatible with YouTube, Facebook and smart devices such as modern smart TVs that have a USB port or other devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android. If you also need the raw footage, we can transfer that media to a hard drive for a small fee or provide a drive for you. We usually do not keep raw footage beyond 2 months after a project, but do keep master files long term, just in case you loose them.

The 5 Stages of Production:

1) Development:  (Scripts, ideas, outlines, casting calls, location scouting)

2) Recording: (Filming, audio capture, voiceover, photography)

3) Editing:  (Transfer of media, assembly of the story, color correction, sound / music scoring, color grading, motion graphics, titles, close-captioning and storage of the final media.)

4) Mastering: (Compression to H264 for website playback, authoring of DVD / Blu-ray Discs and/or export to master files.)

5) Publishing:  (Broadcast on print material, disc media or  for broadcast networks on TV, Website, Phone, YouTube or in Cinema.)

Ways to be successful

We can offer may ways to be successful in your project.  The best path to success with media is planning ahead.  The better the script, vision and/or outline, the smoother and lower cost the project will be. Trial and error by filming first and seeing what there is to work with after, can be costly and the footage may not be as expected, leading to re-filming again. It can also use more media than necessary and/or a result in a final product which is only as good as the lowest performing person on the video.  If hiring actors is not an option, we offer teleprompter so a script can be read on camera.

Get started today

Contact us today for a free consultation.  We offer a 30 minute project planning session for success, to set budgets and to offer suggestions if requested.  We can present samples of other projects in similar industries or share ideas.  If there is a need for a personalized script or vision, we offer individual work directly or can work with your marketing agency to choose the right look, color, font and/or creative final product.

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